Business people Meeting negotiating a contract between two colleagues mccracken law

McCracken Law Firm provides legal representation to business owners.  For some clients, it is a lawyer to help them start or buy their business.  For others, it may be litigating a contract or real estate dispute.  John’s representation is based on your needs and business objectives, working closely with you and your other business advisors. 

Business Litigation may involve matters such as:

            Shareholder and ownership disputes;

            Breach of contract;

            Employment matters;


            Purchase Agreements; and

            Real estate disputes.

Business Transactions often involve:

            Real estate purchases or sales;


            Purchase contracts;

            Operating agreements;

            Management Agreements; and

            Employment agreements.

John represents clients in many areas of business, including restaurants, gas stations, insurance companies, hotels, fitness and exercise gyms, car dealerships, banks and credit unions, construction companies, and real estate developments.