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John has reviewed, prepared, and negotiated a wide variety of contracts related to business and real estate matters.  His clear communication and straight-forward approach allows you to fully understand the issues of a contract and the changes that are needed.  John will negotiate the terms of the contract to protect your interests and to advance your objectives.   

Among the contracts John regularly reviews are:

               Asset Purchase Agreements;

               Commercial Leases;

               Business Sale Agreements;

               Real Estate Purchase Contracts;

               Shareholder Agreements;

               Vendor Contracts;

               Employment Agreements; and

               Operating Agreements.

John will talk with you about the transaction you are seeking to accomplish, and to understand any special areas of concern you have about the contract.   Depending on the type of matter, some clients may simply ask for a “red flag” review of the contract to identify and better understand certain contract terms and areas of concern.  Other matters require a full review, negotiations with opposing counsel, and redline revisions to the contract.  John is able to assist with the full range of preparing, negotiating, revising, and finalizing business and real estate documents.