Land for sale sign on empty land. mccracken law

Different types of properties have unique issues that need to be considered when being bought or sold.  Selling farmland is different than selling a house.  Buying a retail strip-mall is different than buying a gas station. 

John has assisted clients buy and sell all types of properties, including commercial, industrial, retail, residential, and agricultural properties.  With a comprehensive background in real estate transactions, John can quickly identify and address issues that may arise in a real estate purchase or sale, such as:

               Zoning Requirements;


               Title Claims;

               Environmental Contamination;

               Building and Development Restrictions;

               Survey Disputes;

               Existing Tenants and Occupants;              

               Homeowners’ Association Covenants;

               Disclosure Statements; and

               Adverse Possession.

John is able to identify and solve issues, often before they become problems, so that you can close on the purchase or sale of your property, on time, and with confidence.