Purchase agreement mccracken law

John has assisted countless clients buy and sell their businesses, through both asset purchases and sales, and through the purchase or sale of the underlying business ownership.  Each type of sale or purchase has unique advantages and disadvantages depending on whether you are the seller or the buyer.  John’s clients include small single-owner businesses to large businesses with multi-state operations.  John’s background in buying and selling businesses, includes, for example, gas stations, bars, restaurants, construction companies, hardware stores, veterinary clinics, and telecommunication companies.

There are many issues that can arise when buying or selling a business.  It is important to have an experienced attorney assist in navigating through the process.  Often overlooked are issues regarding liens, UCC filings, and mortgages against the business property.  Regulatory and licensing issues often need to be addressed.  Issues often arise regarding the tax treatment of the transaction, and compliance with Bulk Sales laws and tax withholding liability. 

John is well skilled at solving the problems and issues that arise in a business ownership transaction.  John provides straightforward guidance and clear wording to make complex matters understood.  His knowledge of finance, banking, and real estate, contributes to finding solutions when challenges to an ownership transfer arise.