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Running a business is hard enough without having to manage and oversee legal issues.  Bringing on a new attorney or firm for each new legal question your business faces is expensive and inefficient.  Having an attorney serving as your general counsel, who already knows you and your business, allows your legal matters to be handled and overseen competently, and through a centralized and trusted point of contact, so you can focus on your business.  

Many local businesses regularly call John for routine legal questions, and when more serious matters arise.  These questions and matters often involve:

            Drafting and amending an operating agreement or by-laws;

            Changing the ownership structure by adding or removing an owner;

            Employment contracts and company policies;

            Letters of Intent;

            Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements;

            Purchasing assets and real estate;

            Office lease and tenant matters;

            Contract preparation and review;

            Evaluating potential litigation issues;

            Demanding payment and contract compliance; and

            Business mergers and acquisitions.

If you have business-related legal questions, John has the depth of knowledge and experience to assist you and to answer your questions.