Business dispute mccracken law

Disagreements among business owners are not uncommon.  Business objectives, goals, and personal aspirations change.  Sometimes, financial hardship creates different needs among the owners.  However, disagreements can quickly turn into larger disputes, causing serious harm to the business and its operations.  These disputes, if not resolved quickly, often result in lawsuits alleging breaches of fiduciary duties, breaches of shareholder agreements, claims over stolen money, claims for accountings, restraining orders, the removal of corporate officers and directors, and the dissolution and liquidation of the company.

Litigation among business owners is often resolved through restructuring ownership, restructuring management and operations, an agreed-upon buyout of one party by the other, or a court ordered buyout or liquidation.  To reach any type of resolution often requires uncovering and examining bank accounts, tax returns, accounting systems, business purchases, owner salaries, owner bonuses, owner distributions, and company expense accounts.

Because shareholder disputes are often resolved through some manner of a business transaction or buyout, having a litigation lawyer who also handles business transactions allows you to take advantage of opportunities other attorneys may not be able to create or seize upon.  John has resolved shareholder disputes through judgment at trial, through arbitration, and through comprehensive settlement arrangements.