Real estate legal concept mccracken law

John’s deep knowledge of real estate law is an added benefit when faced with real estate litigation, allowing him to quickly assess the relevant legal issues involved and the evidence required to prove your case.  John has litigated a wide range of real estate matters representing buyers, sellers, builders, contractors, landlords, homeowner associations, and lenders. 

These types of matters often include:

               Breach of Contract;

               Property Line Disputes;

               Adverse Possession;


               Construction Defects;

               Failures to Disclose Problems in House;


               Homeowners’ Association Disputes

               Land Use and Zoning; and

               Water Runoff

John will prepare your case with full intentions of taking it through trial.  This litigation may include engaging expert witnesses such as an appraiser, architect, construction engineer, or surveyor.  John has litigated real estate cases through court trials and through arbitration hearings.  Should mediation or settlement discussions be appropriate, John will work with you to evaluate settlement options and to advance your position to the fullest extent possible.